Landlord - Tenant

Landlord To Do List:
  • Obtain a Rental Certificate of Occupancy from the city
  • Remove all items from the property that you do not wish to include into the rent
  • Fill out an assessment form of condition of your rental property (provided by us)
  • Have a current Homeowners Insurance Policy

Obviously, we can help you with all of the above for a nominal fee

 For a FREE consultation for Property Management, please contact us. We will be in touch with you.

Tenant To Do List:

You will need to provide the following with your initial application:


  • Copy of Driver's license and social security card
  • Copy of 2-3 pay stubs or proof of income
  • Complete  rental application


What you must do at least 1-2 weeks before you move in:

  • Change of address with the post office in the city that you are moving from  
  • Call your local gas and electric company and transfer service to your name.  For DTE, call 1-800-477-4747
  • Obtain renters insurance to cover your personal belongings and furniture